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Record labels Universal, Sony, and Warner have filed a lawsuit against two AI music generators for allegedly ripping off their catalogs. However, it remains uncertain if the courts will rule in their favor. The music industry is taking a stand against AI in this legal battle. · 13 min sedan
LG Electronics CEO Cho Joo-wan met with Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon to discuss collaboration on advanced technology, including on-device AI and automotive electronics. Amon visited LG headquarters in Seoul, where the companies have built a strong partnership in audio products and automotive parts. LG uses Qualcomm's Snapdragon 680 processors and aptX Adaptive audio codec in its products. They also cooperate on automotive telematics and infotainment chips. LG recently established a unit for on-device AI strategy. Cho emphasized the importance of customer service using AI. Global tech leaders, including Samsung Electronics, are strengthening partnerships with Korean companies for advanced technologies. · 78 min sedan
The Embedded AI Market is experiencing robust growth with a CAGR during the forecast period 2024-2031. The increasing interest in this industry is a major reason for market expansion. Research highlights recent market scenarios, growth trends, and future opportunities for manufacturers. The report evaluates factors expected to impact the global Embedded AI market's progress, including market penetration, product development, competitive assessment, market development, and diversification. Market drivers and restraints, along with a cost analysis, provide a comprehensive view of the market. The report offers insights on market segmentation, application analysis, and a forecast for the Embedded AI Market. · 78 min sedan
Earlier this year, Satya Nadella hammered out a deal that surprised everyone outside his inner circle at Microsoft. Mr. Nadella, Microsoft’s chief executive, had his eyes on a Silicon Valley start-up called Inflection AI. The company’s chief executive, Mustafa Suleyman, was one of the founders of the pioneering artificial intelligence company DeepMind. Microsoft still shelled out more than $650 million to license Inflection’s technology, hired most of its staff and put Mr. Suleyman in charge of a more than $12 billion chunk of Microsoft’s business. It was, to put it mildly, risky. · 2 h sedan
Two AI stocks, Alibaba and Innodata, are showing potential for significant growth. Alibaba, despite geopolitical risks, has seen substantial earnings growth and plays a critical role in China's AI industry. Innodata, a data engineering company, has experienced a surge in stock price thanks to AI-driven processes. Both companies offer opportunities for investors looking to capitalize on the AI trend. However, investors should be aware of the risks associated with these stocks and carefully consider their investment strategies. For more insights on potential AI investments, investors can consult The Motley Fool's analysis on promising stocks in the AI sector. · 2 h sedan
Nvidia has been the artificial intelligence (AI) stock to own over the past year and a half. However, the expectations built into the stock are mind-boggling and could spell disaster in the future. Yet AI is here to stay, and if you´re looking to invest in this sector, I´d consider these stocks before considering Nvidia. Taiwan Semiconductor, Alphabet, and Salesforce are three AI stocks with strong growth potential and more stable performance than Nvidia. Consider investing in these companies for long-term market beating returns. · 2 h sedan
AI-powered pellet grill helps cook perfect wood-smoked pizza. Brisk It Origin 580 with Vera AI assistant provides simple directions for delicious results. Smoky flavor elevates store-bought pizza above traditional oven cooking. Hands-off approach allows for busy family meals. Pellet grill adds crunch and melty toppings for a crispy crust. Easy to follow directions make cooking on the grill a breeze. Family-friendly meals made quick and tasty with the help of AI technology. Upgrade your dinner game with the Brisk It Origin 580 pellet grill and Vera AI assistant for a new level of cooking experience. · 2 h sedan
Humans struggle with remembering things due to various factors such as lack of attention and biases. AI technology, like Microsoft's Recall app, aims to help by organizing and storing information. Google and Apple are also developing AI tools for memory aid, while companies like Notion and Dropbox integrate AI into their services. The Vergecast discusses the potential impact of relying on AI for memory, including changes in daily life and ethical considerations. The rapid advancement of tools like Limitless raises questions about the future of memory assistance. How will society adapt to relying on AI for remembering tasks and events? · 2 h sedan Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) ranks 1st on the list of 7 Best AI Value Stocks, according to NYU's Aswath Damodaran. Damodaran highlighted the company as a 'money machine' in the market. With 302 hedge fund investors, AMZN is positioned as a top AI stock with growth potential in the AI revolution. Investment firm UBS identified Trainium and Inferentia as strengths for AMZN in the AI Enabling layer. Analysts believe Amazon's AWS business is a major factor in its AI power, with strong revenue streams from digital ads. Alphyn Capital Management also highlighted AMZN's commitment to innovation and customer empowerment in the AI market. · 2 h sedan
Investors should keep an eye on tech trends in the AI market. reviews three top AI investment ideas, focusing on tech giants with proven potential. Amazon, with a $2 trillion market cap, is a leader in AI innovation. Intel, down 33% this year, is poised for a turnaround. Alphabet, a top AI stock, offers long-term growth potential. These stocks present affordable investment opportunities. Amazon is investing in AI data centers, Intel forecasts Gaudi revenue, and Alphabet leads in AI technology. Consider these low-cost AI stocks for a future-proof portfolio. · 2 h sedan
South Africans need to be in the know if we want to create a prosperous future. News24 has kept the country informed for 25 years, and we´re about to enter a new chapter of fearless journalism. Join our free subscription trial to unlock this story and a world of news aimed to inform, empower, and inspire. Next on Business EXPLAINER | Short-term work visa vs SA´s new remote work visa: what´s the difference? heading description username · 2 h sedan
Kenyan creatives are rapidly adopting artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their creative processes, but they remain cautious about its potential biases and job displacement. Photos of a man using open AI and a robotics presentation used for illustration. This is according to new research by Creatives Garage, one of Kenya’s largest multi-disciplinary arts organisations. The study found that Kenyan creatives have a high awareness and adoption of generative AI tools, with over 75% of the 130 creatives engaged in the study using AI tools for various purposes. Despite the benefits, creatives are wary of AI´s potential to displace jobs, propagate Western and Eurocentric biases, and create intellectual property issues. · 2 h sedan
Khan Academy and Microsoft have partnered to make Khanmigo available at no cost to all teachers in the USA. The tool is designed to reduce the time teachers spend on preparations, which studies show can take up more than 50 percent of their workload. Khanmigo supports over 20 different tasks, including generating assessment rubrics, developing quiz and practice questions, designing lesson introductions, and supporting the development of individual education plans. The tool not only makes preparations more efficient but also enhances teaching quality, suggesting creative ways to start lessons and connecting teaching to real-life situations and students´ interests. · 2 h sedan
Google has released its Gemma 2 AI model to researchers and developers. The model comes in 9 billion and 27 billion parameters versions, offering top performance and cost savings. Gemma 2 runs efficiently on Google Cloud TPUs and NVIDIA GPUs, making AI deployments more accessible. It is compatible with major AI frameworks and can be fine-tuned for specific needs. Gemma 27B stands out for its performance and integration capabilities, despite its smaller size. While excelling in coding and basic logic tasks, it faces challenges in complex reasoning. Benchmarking tests show its efficiency and competitiveness in the AI model landscape. · 2 h sedan
Woozi, the producer and member of the captivating K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN just moments ago took to his Instagram and responded to the unfounded claims made about the boy group using AI for their music. Woozi was swift in responding and shutting down the claims of using AI and said “SEVENTEEN’s music is written and composed by humans”. · 3 h sedan
BBC article on K-pop's AI experiment misinterprets SEVENTEEN Woozi's words, causing discontent among fans. Woozi clarifies on Instagram that all of SEVENTEEN's music is created by human creators, not AI technology. Woozi, a member and main producer of SEVENTEEN, is actively involved in writing and composing songs for the group and other artists. The group has achieved global success with stadium tours, becoming UNESCO ambassadors, and performing at Glastonbury. Despite the confusion caused by the article, Woozi's clarification sets the record straight about the group's creative process and dedication to human-made music. · 3 h sedan
OpenAI's ChatGPT has been successfully jailbroken by a user, allowing it to answer questions on forbidden topics like sex, violence, drugs, and other unlawful subjects. Despite strict policies in place to prevent misuse, some users have managed to bypass these restrictions. The user, Bernard Bado, has shared their methods in a recent post, detailing the failed attempts and the one method that actually worked. If you're curious to learn more about how to make ChatGPT answer anything, check out the guide for tips and tricks on using 'Jailbreak' prompts to prompt the AI to misbehave. · 3 h sedan
Research on Bayesian information criterion part1(Machine Learning 2024)Monodeep Mukherjee·FollowJust now--Photo by Tiffany Tertipes on UnsplashOn uncertainty-penalized Bayesian information criterionAuthors: Pongpisit Thanasutives, Ken-ichi FukuiAbstract: The uncertainty-penalized information criterion (UBIC) has been proposed as a new model-selection criterion for data-driven partial differential equation (PDE) discovery. In this paper, we show that using the UBIC is equivalent to employing the conventional BIC to a set of overparameterized models derived from the potential regression models of different complexity measures. The result indicates that the asymptotic property of the UBIC and BIC holds indifferently. △ · 3 h sedan
Microsoft 365 roadmap website has new updates for productivity apps. Excel users will get a new Copilot feature in July, providing more user awareness and control. Outlook for Windows app will have a new keyboard shortcut in September. Outlook web users can add accounts to their mobile app using a QR code in August. Outlook web users will get help from Copilot with Bing search info in September. Word on the web users will see Copilot improvements in September. Stay tuned for more updates on the Microsoft 365 roadmap website next Sunday. · 3 h sedan
Google introduces Gemini Code Assist, an enterprise-focused tool leveraging AI to provide code completion and assistance to developers. Key features include improved functionality with plugins for popular editors, a 1 million-token context window for analyzing broader codebases, customization options, and support for various code repositories. Google is also partnering with companies to integrate knowledge bases into Gemini. Additionally, Google announced CodeGemma, a new open model within the Gemma family for code generation and assistance. CodeGemma is now available through Vertex AI, marking Google's move to compete with Microsoft GitHub´s Copilot Enterprise. · 4 h sedan
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman hints at the possible launch of GPT-5, envisioning a future where AI becomes a collaborative partner, enhancing productivity and creativity. This advanced AI would offer proactive assistance, creative collaboration, and smooth integration into daily workflow. However, challenges such as privacy concerns and AI bias need to be addressed to ensure a positive impact. Altman's vision aims to transform AI from mere digital assistants to competent colleagues, revolutionizing the way we work and interact with technology. · 4 h sedan
OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, is developing a new approach to its AI models in a project known as 'Strawberry.' According to a source and internal documents reviewed by Reuters, details of the project have not been previously disclosed. The project is part of OpenAI's efforts to demonstrate the advanced reasoning capabilities of its models. Teams within OpenAI are currently working on Strawberry, as outlined in a recent internal document seen by Reuters in May. The exact timeline for the project's completion is unclear, with sources describing the plan as a work in progress. The specifics of how Strawberry operates are closely guarded even within OpenAI. · 4 h sedan
OpenAI, a leader in developing AI as intelligent as a human, is facing ongoing safety concerns voiced by its employees. Despite being valued at US$80 billion, the nonprofit research lab has been under scrutiny, with employees speaking out in the press and on podcasts about safety issues. According to an anonymous source from The Washington Post, OpenAI rushed through safety tests and celebrated their product´s launch prematurely. · 4 h sedan
OpenAI whistleblowers have urged the US financial watchdog to investigate non-disclosure agreements at the startup after claiming the contracts included restrictions such as requiring employees to seek permission before contacting regulators. Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) typically bar an employee from sharing company information with outside parties but a group of whistleblowers are arguing that OpenAI’s agreements could have led to workers being punished for raising concerns about the company to federal authorities. San Francisco-based OpenAI is the developer of the ChatGPT chatbot and a key player in the artificial intelligence boom, which has been accompanied by expressions of concern from experts about the potential dangerous capabilities of the technology. · 4 h sedan
OpenAI is working on a new AI model, called Strawberry, with advanced reasoning and understanding capabilities. The model aims to analyze Internet data, predict user behavior, and perform complex tasks. It has shown proficiency in complex mathematical and scientific questions, as well as in-depth research on various topics. Details about the project are limited, but more information may be released soon. The entity is focused on improving its AI models to be more efficient and capable of handling complex tasks, with rumors suggesting the development of a new model with advanced capabilities. · 4 h sedan
Imagine a future where earning a doctorate or even a Nobel Prize becomes more attainable. This seemingly outlandish idea may soon be a reality thanks to OpenAI’s latest project, codenamed Strawberry. Formerly known as Q*, Strawberry aims to overcome the limitations of current AI models in tackling complex science and math problems due to their subpar reasoning skills and tendency to “hallucinate” or generate false information. Addressing AI’s Hallucinations Large language models, while proficient in summarizing text, composing poetry, and explaining complex concepts, often struggle with common sense reasoning and logical fallacies. They sometimes fabricate information due to being trained on incomplete or biased data. Strawberry seeks to remedy this by enabling AI to generate its own training data, thereby enhancing reasoning abilities and aligning its understanding more closely with human cognition. This could potentially revolutionize research by solving previously intractable problems. The Reliance Gambit: Taking on Decathlon in the Sports Retail Arena Reliance, a major player in India’s sports industry, has its sights set on rivalling global sports retail giants like Decathlon. With a strong foothold in sports ownership, streaming, and event management through RISE Worldwide Limited, Reliance is now venturing into sports retail. Leveraging its vast retail network and the growing demand for sports and fitness products in India, Reliance aims to establish a dominant presence in this lucrative market. Reliance’s competitive advantage stems from India’s FDI (foreign direct investment) rules, which restrict multi-brand retail. While global brands like Decathlon navigate these regulations, Reliance can capitalize on the situation. Additionally, with the Indian government expressing interest in hosting the 2036 Olympics, Reliance has ample time to solidify its position and potentially become a major sponsor, thereby expanding its global reach. The Silver Lining of a Declining Global Population Contrary to concerns about a declining global population, experts suggest that this trend could present opportunities for economic and environmental improvement. Investments in technology and education can compensate for a shrinking workforce, while increased female participation in the labor market can help bridge gender gaps. Moreover, a smaller population translates to a reduced carbon footprint, offering a potential solution to the climate crisis. The developments in AI through Strawberry and Reliance’s ambitious foray into the sports retail market signal a dynamic and transformative future. Additionally, the potential benefits of a declining global population underscore the importance of adapting to changing demographics and embracing sustainable practices. · 4 h sedan
Most of the world´s wealthiest hedge fund managers are investing heavily in AI. And they especially like two AI stocks.´Follow the money.´ That phrase gained notoriety during the Watergate scandal five decades ago. However, it could be useful for investors today looking for stocks to buy. Much of the big money has poured into artificial intelligence (AI) stocks over the last two years. Nvidia has been an especially significant beneficiary of this trend, with its shares skyrocketing over 9x since the beginning of 2023. But where would following the money lead investors now? Here are billionaire hedge fund managers´ two favorite AI stocks -- and Nvidia isn´t one of them. The top hedge fund billionaires Forbes ranked the wealthiest hedge fund managers of 2023. The top 10 were: Rank Manager Hedge Fund Net Worth (as of 3/10/23) 1 Ken Griffin Citadel $35 billion 2 Jim Simons Renaissance Technologies $28.1 billion 3 Ray Dalio Bridgewater Associates $19.1 billion 4 David Tepper Appaloosa Management $18.5 billion 5 Steve Cohen Point72 Asset Management $17.5 billion 6 Carl Icahn Icahn Enterprises $17.5 billion 7 Michael Platt BlueCrest Capital Management $16 billion 8 Israel Englander Millennium Management $11.5 billion 9 Chase Coleman Tiger Global Management $8.5 billion 10 David Shaw D.E. Shaw & Co. $7.9 billion Jim Simons has since passed away, although his Renaissance Technologies hedge fund remains active. The net worths of the other nine hedge fund managers have changed somewhat since last year, but they´re all still multibillionaires. Most of these billionaire hedge fund managers have invested heavily in AI. Carl Icahn stands out as a notable exception. None of Icahn Enterprises´ holdings are AI-related. Michael Platt´s BlueCrest Capital also has no AI stocks among its top positions. Billionaire hedge fund managers´ two favorite AI stocks However, two AI stocks, in particular, are arguably the favorites of the other billionaire hedge fund managers. Amazon (AMZN -0.29%) ranked in the top five holdings of seven of the 10 richest hedge fund managers on Forbes´ list based on their latest regulatory filings. Microsoft (MSFT -0.25%) wasn´t too far behind, landing in the top five for half the 10 wealthiest hedge fund managers. Steve Cohen and Israel England like Amazon the most. The e-commerce and cloud services leader is the largest holding for Cohen´s Point72 Asset Management and England´s Millennium Management. Amazon is the second-largest holding for David Tepper´s Appaloosa Management. Microsoft ranks as the No. 1 position for David Shaw´s D.E. Shaw & Co. It´s the second-largest holding for Chase Coleman´s Tiger Global Management. And while the tech giant isn´t Ken Griffin´s biggest position for his Citadel fund, Microsoft is his top AI stock. Runners up Although Nvidia wasn´t one of billionaire hedge managers´ top two favorite AI stocks, it was a close runner-up. The graphics processing unit (GPU) maker was in the top five holdings for four of Forbes´ 10 richest hedge fund managers. Perhaps surprisingly, though, Nvidia wasn´t the No. 1 AI stock for any of them. Meta Platforms wasn´t too far behind either. It ranked in the top five holdings for three of the individuals on Forbes´ list. Meta is the largest position for Coleman´s Tiger Global Management. Should you buy Amazon and Microsoft too? No one should buy a stock only to follow in the footsteps of billionaire investors. However, I think Amazon and Microsoft have a lot going for them. Amazon is the world´s largest cloud services provider. AI should provide a long-term tailwind for the company´s Amazon Web Services unit. Amazon is also using AI extensively in its e-commerce operations to increase efficiency and profitability. Microsoft continues to reap the rewards from its partnership with ChatGPT creator OpenAI. It has integrated OpenAI´s GPT-4 throughout its products. The company is the second-largest cloud service provider and should benefit from the same AI tailwind as Amazon. As customers continue to move to the cloud to build and deploy AI models, Amazon´s and Microsoft´s revenue and earnings should grow significantly. Share prices tend to rise with earnings growth over the long term. I view Amazon and Microsoft as great AI stocks to buy right now. Just follow the AI money. · 5 h sedan
Three companies, Amazon, Qualcomm, and Meta Platforms, are highlighted by contributors as strong AI stock picks for long-term investment. These companies have the competitive edge to thrive in the growing AI industry. Amazon's modest valuation and diverse AI initiatives make it an appealing choice. Qualcomm's focus on on-device AI and expansion into various tech sectors position it as a profitable long-term holding. Meta Platforms, already a technology giant, continues to invest in AI to enhance its advertising business and drive growth. Investors looking for AI stocks with potential for long-term success should consider these companies. · 5 h sedan
IBM faces challenges in implementing AI within its workforce, with initial worker apathy leading to a shift in strategy. The company forced employees to use the AskHR chatbot, resulting in plummeting satisfaction. However, by listening to feedback and gradually encouraging adoption, IBM has seen a significant increase in satisfaction and usage. AskHR now handles 94% of inquiries and 10.1 million interactions per year. Despite its success, sensitive issues are still directed to HR leaders. IBM plans to move towards generative AI for faster and more effective outcomes. For more details, contact Emma Burleigh at · 5 h sedan
The Edge AI Software Market is projected to experience significant growth, with forecasts indicating a strong annual growth rate from 2024 to 2031. Factors such as higher adoption rates and technological progress contribute to this optimistic outlook. However, challenges such as intense competition and rapid technological advancements must be addressed by market players. Key players in the market include IBM, Microsoft, Intel, and Google. Understanding and analyzing the roles of these influential players is crucial for strategic decision-making. Orbis Research provides comprehensive market segmentation and analysis to empower stakeholders with essential data for making informed investment choices in the Edge AI Software Market. · 5 h sedan
The Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Agriculture market is projected to experience significant growth, with forecasts indicating a strong annual growth rate from 2024 to 2031. Factors such as higher adoption rates and technological advancements contribute to the positive outlook for market expansion. Despite challenges such as intense competition and rapid technological changes, companies can position themselves for success by proactively addressing these obstacles. Key players in the market include IBM, Intel, Microsoft, SAP, and others, who play a crucial role in shaping the industry's future trajectory. For more information, visit for the latest report on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Agriculture Market 2024. · 5 h sedan
Microsoft has developed a new AI tool called Vall-E 2, which can replicate voices with human-like accuracy. The tool is so advanced that Microsoft has decided not to release it to the public due to concerns about potential misuse. Vall-E 2 can mimic voices with impressive realism, matching the original speaker's voice closely. While the tool has many positive applications, Microsoft acknowledges the risks of it being used maliciously to impersonate individuals. As a result, Microsoft currently has no plans to make Vall-E 2 available to the public. The tool's capabilities raise ethical concerns about consent and potential misuse in generating misinformation. · 5 h sedan
Toys “R” Us partners with OpenAI's Sora to create AI-generated brand films, showcasing commitment to innovation and relevance in the market. The latest promotional video, produced with Sora, debuted at the 2024 Cannes Lions Festival. This collaboration between Toys “R” Us and OpenAI highlights the potential of AI in marketing and advertising, blending efficiency with human creativity. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Toys “R” Us aims to revitalize its brand and establish itself as a leader in the toy industry. Stay informed on Cannabis, AI, Small Cap, and Crypto by subscribing to our Daily Baked in Newsletter. · 5 h sedan
Running LLMs locally is the easiest way to protect your privacy, but traditional LLMs are restricted to answering certain types of questions to reduce LLM abuse. You can even run LLMs on phones. However, there are times when one wants to explore the uncharted territory. In that case, you would need uncensored LLMs that you can run locally on your laptop or PC. Here are the top 10 uncensored LLMs that you can run on your computer. · 7 h sedan
Large Language Models (LLMs) built on the Transformer architecture have recently achieved important technological milestones. These models have had a significant impact on a variety of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications, despite facing obstacles in low-resource contexts. A recent research presents an approach to improve the inference performance of LLMs on CPUs, focusing on reducing costs and overcoming hardware limitations. The study also suggests a distributed inference optimization technique using the oneAPI Collective Communications Library to enhance scalability and performance. The team's unique LLM optimization methods on CPUs, such as SlimAttention, aim to make these models more affordable and accessible for deployment in low-resource settings. · 7 h sedan
Unleash Your Creative Potential with Picture-In-Chat: Transforming Your Communication Habits! In today’s fast-paced world, communication is essential for building relationships, achieving goals, and connecting with people across the globe. Picture-in-Chat is a type of digital chat that uses graphics and images to convey emotions and information. It offers an interactive platform where users can take pictures, upload them, and chat with other users from around the world. Whether you’re interested in cultural exploration or finding new ways to communicate with others, PicChat has something for everyone. Give it a try and see how it transforms your communication habits! · 7 h sedan
Unlocking the Power of Chat GPT: A Beginner’s Guide - Today, we’re going to discuss some fascinating topics that you can use chat GPT to learn and understand. Chat GPT’s advanced features and capabilities, extensive knowledge base, natural language understanding, pre-trained models, and AI-powered chatbot system make it a powerful tool for improving communication skills and engaging in meaningful discussions. Give Chat GPT a try to unlock the power of language and communicate effectively with others! · 7 h sedan
Anthropic introduces Claude 3.5 Sonnet, a new AI model promising to set industry benchmarks in performance and efficiency. Positioned as a successor to Claude 3, it bridges the gap between smaller and larger models, offering faster speeds and cost-effectiveness. With improved understanding of nuance and vision capabilities, Claude 3.5 outperforms competitors in coding proficiency and reasoning benchmarks. Anthropic claims it excels in generating high-quality content with a natural tone. As the AI landscape evolves, Claude 3.5 Sonnet is set to drive advancements and establish new standards in the industry. · 7 h sedan